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Deapartment of Physiology and Biochemistry

Department leader
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krasimir Rankov, Ph.D. int. +359 2 4014282  email:


Since the establishment of the Higher school for physical preparation, physiology was one of the obligatory disciplines. Founder and long time Head of the Physiology department is Prof. Dr. Dragomir Mateev.

The official introduction of the biochemistry course was in 1949. It is taken completely by Dr. Viara Paraskova, D.Sc. candidate.

The research work, done by the department’s team during the years, covers mostly the changes in cardiac vascular and respiratory systems, gas exchange, orthostatic reactions, fatigue, the characteristics of the rehabilitation processes after physical loadings, the changes in the areas of sensor reactions, electrophysiology, hematology, biological changes in blood, hormonal activity, metabolism and others.

Part of the conducted laboratory practices are original developments of the department’s team.