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Teachers: Chief assistant Pavel Velkov, Ph.D.

Sport club Rugby


In the 1985-1986 academic year a new branch "Rugby" in the "Football and tennis" department of NSA is opened. Chief of the new "Rugby" branch is M.Cherveniakov. The first apart-time lecturers are appointed - Georgi Marinkin and Nikolai Kolev. The first educational programme for bachelors is being developed - a united programme, training routine and rugby textbooks.
In 1989 a competition for an assistant is announced and in 1990 - a competition for a extramural post-graduate course in Moscow.
In the 1997-1998 academic year a special rugby course is formed in NSA for non-specialist students.
In 1998 the first educational programme for masters is developed.
In 1999 a competition for a "Rugby" is announced
The same year (1999) the first opportunity for foreign students do defend a "Rugby" doctorate.
Since the start of the "Rugby" speciality in NSA to this day over 80 bulgarian and 5 foreign students have completed their education in the master and bachelor educational programme.

The sports-competitioning activity of the branch is closely related to the activity of the Rugby Sports Club