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Teachers: Associate Professor Dimitar Iliev, Ph.D.
Teachers: Chief assistant Vladimir Iliev

Sportsmen Coaches

Sector  "Motoring" 

The educational discipline "Automobile and motorcycle sports" is unique for the countries of the European Union and has is roots in 1958, when a "Auto-moto" sector was created, as a subsidary section of the former "Higher Institute for Physical Culture" (now NSA). The idea was to give the cadres of the Institute the opportunity to acquire driving licences, which the management thought was required for their future work as sports specialists.

The first teacher in this sector was Jordan Toplodolski, at that time the state motorcycling coach. Thanks to his pedagogical experience he was quickly able to form a coaches school in the institute, which in 1962 is transformed into the speciality "Motorcycle sports coaches". Assoc.Prof. Dimitar Mihailov and teachers Grigor Timchev,Astardjiev, Petar Antonov, all former motorcycle and automobile competitors are apointed. Most of the motorcycling and car racing manuals at that time in Bulgaria were written by the members of the sector.

The popularization of the motor sports in the 1970`s in Bulgaria contributed to the forming of a new speciality - "Automobile sport". The interest in it today is huge as it was then. In this period Vladimir Iliev was apointed as a teacher. From 1986, after the retirement of Assoc.Prof. Iordan Toplodolski, Assoc.Prof Vladimir Iliev is apointed manager of the Sector. Contribution to the creation and the developement of the "Automobile and Motorcycle sports" speciality have the teachers Milcho Kolchev, Todor Glushkov, Vassil Iliev, Iordan Stanoichev as well as the mechanics and the organizators Dimitar Kirov, Petko Petkov, Georgi Galabov, Petar Georgiev, Svetoslav Minev and Tzvetan Georgiev.

For almost fifty years the cadres of the Sector participate actively in the organization and the management of the motorcycling, automobile and carting sports in Bulgaria. Some of the most prestigious sports achievements in that area are connected with the names of these cadres. For specialist and lovers of these sports it is enough to mention the names of Ilia Chubrikov, Dimitar Vassilev, Stefan Georgiev, Petar Iliev, Dimitar Bubov, Dimitar Rangelov, Kalcho Hinov, Radoslav Bogoev, Georgi Petarneichev, Raicho Sergiev, Ivan Tonev, Nikolai Momchev, Ilian Toplodolski, Iordan Varbitzaliev, Boiko Ignatov, Dimitar Iliev, Krum Donchev and many others. Among the firts graduates of this speciality are Georgi Ianakiev - president of the Union of Bulgarian Motorists and president of the Bulgarian Motor Sport Federation, Georgi Peev - coach of many years of the Bulgarian national speedway teams and now president of the arbitrary commission in БМФ.

The goal of the education in Automobile and motorcycle sports in the National Sports Academy is to create wide profiled specialists in all possible aspects of application of the automobilization in Bulgaria. An eloquent fact of the succes of this speciality is the realization of the graduates in this specific area - the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Internal Affairs ministry, Ministry of Defence, driving schools, private firms and representations of different trade-marks of the automobile and motorcycle branch. Many of them have succesfully joined the sociopolitical life in the country as mayors, municipality advisors and members of many governments. Undoubtebly the most possibilities that this speciality offer are in the motor sports. A great part of the specialist in the sector work actively in the federation of automobile, motorcycle and carting sports as regular employees, social figures, owners of sports clubs, organizators of sports shows, referees etc.

During the education the students acquire knowledge, ability and habits for work with growing up youths, initial education and high sports mastery. They follow, study and apply positive inovations in the educational-metodical and scientific reasearch theory and practise as well as improving their erudition in these areas. Students learn how to work in a team with other sports specialists and to learn by practise the numerous points of contact between the motor sports and other areas of manifestation and aspiration of physical and spiritual perfection of man. They learn how to control and manipulate their actions in extreme conditions and situations which are commоn in these sports. They adapt by perfecting their motive abilities to control perfectly powers beyond the boundaries of human abilities. In the lectures of "Perfection in sports" the students will have to develop their own sport-technical qualities, respectively their achievements. 

The distribution of lectures by terms, speciality, sports perfection, educational-methodical practise, probational practice and examinations are organized according the educational plan for the "Coaches Faculty" of NSA.

The sector "Automobile and motorcycle sports" contributes to the popularization of motor sports by organizing many shows connected with the mass sport, tests of automobiles, motorcycles, tires, motor oils ect. Courses for safe driving, racing ability, cascades abilities, navigation, referee ability etc. High sport mastery is also one of the primary goals.

A first priority of the specialist in the sector is the connection of the sport with the safety of city traffic.

The scientific research activity is completely submitted to the idea of improving the sport-technical qualities of the competitors,the organization and management of the training process,the methods of education and the safety of driving.