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Deapartment of Track-and-field Athletics

Department leader
Assoc. eng. , Ph.D. int. +359 2 4014297  email:
Teachers - Prof. Apostol Slavchev, Ph.D. | Prof. Julian Karabiberov, Ph.D. | Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc. | Prof. Ognyan Miladinov, D.Sc. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Jozef Brogli, Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Sofka Popova, Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Valentin Filjov, Ph.D. | Chief assistant , Ph.D. | Chief assistant , Ph.D. | Chief assistant | Assistant , Ph.D. | Assistant , Ph.D. | Assistant Ganka Ivanova | Assoc. eng. , Ph.D. | Dimitrinka Sholeva

Scientific work


The research laboratory of the department is used for study seminars, especially in the Masters program, as well as a supporting section to the research activities of teachers and post-graduate students of the department. Research work on the following methods can be done in the laboratory:


  1. 1.Examination of the maximum local and regional muscular strength in isometric rate for upper and lower limbs through tensometric girder.
  2. 2.Examination of the explosive power of upper and lower limbs (jumping strength ergometry) through tenso-platform and digital jump meter.
  3. 3.Examination of the strength endurance of upper and lower limbs in isokinetic rate through discreet stages of outer strength (Hydragym).
  4. 4.Examination of the acceleration for determining the strength-speed potential in shaped moves (accelerometry).
  5. 5.Examination of angles, speeds and accelerations (goniometry).
  6. 6.Examination of the efforts management in shaped, timed moves for strength endurance (tenso-measure-ergometer).

Apart for the research needs of track-and-field athletics, the department laboratory can give precious information for the maximum strength, explosive power and strength endurance of athletes in different kinds of sport, as well as it can support the control and perfection of the trainings of football, basketball, volleyball, handball and other sport games, still more, the scientific staff of the department has knowledge and experience working for the athletic fitness in many sports.

Plan for the research activities of the "Track-and-field athletics" department in 2005


  1. Increasing the quality of teaching the school material of the subject track-and-field athletics in the National Sports Academy Vasil Levski.
  2. Creating possibilities for the students for self-training and self-control of the track-and-field athletics knowledge.
  3. Increasing the quality of the scientific provision of the school and training processes in track-and-field athletics.


  1. Developing and approbation in practice of the departments themes:

    Theme 1 Electronic technology for training, self-training and self-control of the track-and-field athletics knowledge.

    Theme 2 System for a synchronized examination of the kinematic and dynamic components of the techniques in the track-and-field athletics disciplines.
  2. Conducting research examination, connected with the technique, training, learning and other aspects of the track-and-field athletics.
  3. Preparation and publishing of issue 4 of the magazine Track-and-field athletics and Science which will content reports from the scientific conference of the Track-and-field athletics department held in 2004 and selected scientific articles.
  4. Organization and holding the traditional scientific conference Track-and-field athletics and Science on 17.05.2005.
  5. Participation in the traditional Days of Science in NSA in may 2005.
  6. Participation in the Congress of the European Track-and-field Athletics Coaches Association in October 2005.