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Deapartment of Track-and-field Athletics

Department leader
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Teachers - Prof. Apostol Slavchev, Ph.D. | Prof. Julian Karabiberov, Ph.D. | Prof. Marin Gadev, D.Sc. | Prof. Ognyan Miladinov, D.Sc. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. , Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Jozef Brogli, Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Sofka Popova, Ph.D. | Assoc. prof. Valentin Filjov, Ph.D. | Chief assistant , Ph.D. | Chief assistant , Ph.D. | Chief assistant | Assistant , Ph.D. | Assistant , Ph.D. | Assistant Ganka Ivanova | Assoc. eng. , Ph.D. | Dimitrinka Sholeva

History of the "Track-and-field athletics department

Track-and-field athletics was the first discipline of the students training in the newly opened on 15.10.1942 Higher School for Physical Education (HSPE).

The first practice was on 17.10.1942 /Saturday/. It was a physical preparation practice with task: running. Preparatory exercises.

On the same day the 3 groups of students had the first seminar on the subject athletics on theme: Running through a rough terrain. The practice sessions are led by Ekaterina Nojarova.

The first track-and-field athletics lection was read by the first Director of HSPE Georgi Karaivanov on 25.11.1942 before the all first course students. Its theme was: Running style characteristics, kinds, importance.

During the second school year (1943/44) the track-and-field athletics discipline is taught by Jivko Filipov. His first lecture was on 18.10.1943 before the first course girl-students on theme: What kind of sport is athletics and what does it offer to women.

The first departments of HSPE are formed in 1945. The first leader of the Track-and-field athletics department was Prof. Jivko Filipov. From this year till today, when we celebrate the 60 years anniversary of the department, 10 persons had been its leaders. With their help, and the help of their current colleagues, we present the department history on mandates.

The history of Track-and-field athletics department on mandates:


Head of department

1945 1962

Prof. Jivko Filipov

1963 1965

Prof. Dr. Dragomir Mateev

1966 1976 Atanas Kolarov

1976 1987 Stefan Stanchev

1987 1989

Prof. Georgi Lazarov, D.Sc.

1989 1994

Prof. Konstantin Jalov, Ph.D.

1994 1995 Milcho Milenski, Ph.D.

1995 1998

Prof. Mihail Bachvarov, D.Sc.

1998 1999 Ionko Ionov, Ph.D.

1999 2003 Paskal Paskalev, Ph.D.