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Full.Prof. Emma Geron

Professor Emma Geron

Full.Prof. Emma Geron is born in Sliven on the 13th of October 1920. Graduates in the philosophy faculty of the Sofian University "St. Kliment Ohridski", where she defended her doctorate (1954).

  1. In 1948 she is made assistant in HIPC, and in 1954 becomes associate professor and head of the "Psychology" department.
  2. Professor Geron wrote the first psychology textbook for students in HIPC (1957, 1961, 1965).
  3. In 1967 she becomes professor, reads lectures on sports psychology in the institute of physical culture and sports in Leipzig.
  4. Creates a psychology laboratory for research of the national teams.
  5. A member of the ergonomy and gerontology in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
  6. Manager of the Bulgarian society of sports psychology.
  7. Vice-president of the Association of the bulgarian psychologists.
  8. In 1968 she is chosen president of the European Federation of Sports Psychology and her vice-president (1973-1977).

In 1973 she emigrates in Israel, where she creates and leads (from 1974) a laboratory for psychological and medical research in the field of sports, as well as the "Behaviour psychology" section in the sports research Department; a lecturer of digital education and psychology in Zinman - the college of physical education and in the sports institute Vingate; president of the Israel association of sports psychology; since 1978 is a member-correspondent of the American Academy of physical education and member of the executive committee of the International Association of applied psychology.

Professor Ema Geron is awarded with the highest degree for personal contributions to the development of sports psychology by the president of the World Sports Psychology Federation.

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