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Career center

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Main groups of clients of the Career Center of NSA "Vassil Levski" are:

  1. Students at the end of their studies(graduating students);
  2. Students who graduated in the NSA "Vassil Levski" with an estabilished professional realization in Bulgaria and other countries;
  3. State, social and private institutions and organizations in the field of physical education, sports and tourism.
  4. Priority activities of the career center of NSA "Vassil Levski" with a purpose to help students in their career realization are free of charge.


The career center of NSA "Vassil Levski" realizes the following activities:

  1. Orientation of the students in the educational degrees "Bachelor", "Master" and "Doctor" when choosing among possibilities of professional realization in social and private organizations;
  2. Consults the students in their preparation for job interviews - putting together a CV, motivational letter, interviewing also for participation in activities with legal realtions with employers;
  3. Explores the possibilities for work for professionaly trained specialists in the field of physical education and sports. Gives information to the students about availability of suitable jobs.
  4. Plans and carries out scientific and practical researches in the field of the career realization of the students;
  5. Plans, co-ordinates student probation programmes for professional realization;
  6. Helps students contact the employers;
  7. Conducts analysis of the conditions and progress of the labour market through modern means and technologies(consultations,work meetings,conferences,scientific research etc.);
  8. Gives the students information for alternative working possibilities in different fields of the physical education, sports and tourism;
  9. Organizes and conducts national and international events concerning career orientation and realization of students.

Team of the Career Center of NSA:

  1. Petar Bankov, Ph.D.
  2. Ditka Kuleva
  3. Snejana Dimitrova

Sofia 1700
Studens` Town
NSA "Vassil Levski"
tel.: 962 04 58 - 208
e-mail :


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