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Teaching and training of elite volley-ball and rugby players

The National Sports Academy is taking part in a project for International intensive Masters program sport for high achievements. The initiative comes from the University of Paris 12, France and its Faculty of educational and social sciences with the partnership of National Sports Academy Vassil Levski and the University of Coimbra, Portugal - Faculty of sports sciences and physical education. The intensive programs subject is Teaching and training of elite volley-ball and rugby players. This year the training of students from the three co-operating universities took place in France between 29.03.2009 and 11.04.2009. Throughout the studying the students receive 8 credits which should be included in their diplomas in a special supplement.

The intensive program training was carried out successfully. NSA students from Masters program in rugby and volley-ball participated. They had the opportunity to attend lectures delivered by educators from the three countries in the project as well as to join round table debate and practical workshops with prominent trainers. Lecturers form the NSA took part in all of these activities.

The students had the possibility to exchange ideas, raise questions and discuss various issues with teachers and trainers.

The intensive program ended up with presentation of posters which every student had created under the supervision of NSA lecturers.

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