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Adaptive semester

Brief annotation

Experts with bachelors degree education graduates in different from NSA universities should adopt new, interdisciplinary knowledge of sport science, i.e. the theoretical and practical foundations of the training process, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, etc.., for optimal management of sports training, sports shape, achieving high performance and more to acquire a master's degree in NSA "Vassil Levski". They need to acquire specialized knowledge, allowing them to freely study the desired Master program.


Students should be familiar with the nature of the chosen degree program, with specific sports discipline with sport science as a whole. It is also desirable future masters to have general knowledge of sports achievements of successful Bulgarian and foreign athletes. To use Bulgarian and international electronic sports sites, to have an interest in sport and to be aware of trends in its development.

Description of individual work in adaptive semester

Students should develop papers on key topics identified by leading teachers of different disciplines. - Written analyzes of topics corresponding to the material; sporting events of state and international character set of the teachers leading the Free selectable subjects.

Director of the program Assos. Prof. Galina Ocheva

More information:

Tel, fax: (+3592) 400 75 03, (+3592) 4014 260

Mobile: +359896-77-66-01


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