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Assoc. prof. Sofka Popova, Ph.D.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Deapartment of Track-and-field Athletics
Track-and-field athletics
Stud. grad: +359 2 4014 310 / room 332
Mobile: +359 899 85 05 92

Education and career

Study and gets her education in National Sports Academy, Bulgaria in 1975 year. From 1975 to 1983 year works as a track and field athletics instructor to Bulgarian Athletics Federation. From 1983 to 1987 year works at VTU Angel Kanchev Rouse as senior teacher in department Physical Education. In 1987 start working as PhD in National Sports Academy, Bulgaria. In 1995 year defends a dissertation with title: Model of training loadings of high qualified sprinters. From 15 of October 1985 to 30 of October lector of IAAF considered with Olympic Solidarity, Romania. In 1993 had publications in edition of IAAF. In 1995 year is honored Pedagogic Sciences Candidate In 1999 year is honored with title Associate Professor.

Pedagogical activity

Lector of training methodic and technique in sprint running.

Sports activity

European Champion in 60 meters running in hall 1980, 1981 year; Gets second place In European Championship in 1982 year; Fourth place in Olympic Games, Moscow 1980 year; World Class Competitor from 1980 year.

Trainer activity

Along with teaching works as athletics coach. Has prepared Republican and Balkan Champions and European finalists.

Publications, books, guidances

Has 40 publications and much participation in Scientific Conferences